Tenho minhas próprias plantas aqui, e todas com nome próprio: Sylke, Sara, Eva, Peter, Björn, John, Johannes, Arthur, Susanne, Cécile...

E tenho também muitas plantas no Brasil, provavelmente as primeiras da espécie no país. Destaque para o Abies firma (abeto japonês) e o Cupressus cashmeriana (cipreste da Caxemira), além de uma possibilidade de haver uma Sciadopitys verticillata (Koyamaki, ou pinheiro-guarda-chuva-japonês).

Abies firma

Cupressus cashmeriana


I loved winter since I was a child. For a fortunate kid who had a swimming pool but a quite cold house, that's somehow inappropriate to say but yes, I loved the cold nights, double or even triple layers of quilt, the burning wood scent, and even collecting the zillions of fallen leaves from our pear tree, which I thought to be the biggest in the world. I installed a thermometer on a rope between my room and the pear tree just to know the temperature down there without having to go through the painful process of going out in the wet lawn in house shoes.

During primary school, a friend of mine, when asked about the favourite season, said "spring and autumn". What a boring way of thinking, I said to myself. Not too warm, not too cold, it looks like someone who can't decide what to like.

I find myself loving hot summer days more and more, but when those cold, long autumn nights arrive, I promptly change my mind. Autumn is here for its best. Nature bursting in warmest colours. 

Cold air feels clean, cleanses the body, bring all the tears away while you bike.